The Family Ties Association Family Preservation Program provides planned and tailored interventions and services aimed at strengthening, empowering, supporting and preserving families by providing home-based, family/culturally-centered services designed to promote the protection and well-being of the children in their home.

Family Ties In home preservation services are designed to:

  • Promote the protection and well-being of children in their home through expedient and flexible interventions;
  • Promote the reduction or elimination of behaviors that may place a child or family at risk;
  • Promote the strategies to prevent the out-of-home placement of a child;
  • Expedite the imminent return of a child and promote reunification of the family;
  • Improve family functioning;
  • Respond immediately to support the family at the point of crisis; and
  • Enhance family and community support networks.


Family Ties Association’s Family Preservation Program staff ensures that the Service Plan will identify specific goals and strategies used to address some or all of the following areas:

  • An approach with the family and/or individual that focuses on strengths and assets;
  • Skill development in the areas of family living/daily living skills and parenting skills;
  • Advocacy, self-care, problem-solving, communication and/or relationship skills;
  • Assistance with and support for the resolution of personal issues;
  • Awareness and utilization of community resources, social supports, and natural supports ; and
  • Specialized services as defined by the program.

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