Online Counselling


In response to COVID-19, Family Ties Association Clinical Team is offering online counselling services for all residents of Alberta. 
Online counselling is the ideal solution for anyone who is in self-isolation or simply wants to reduce the risk of transmission, and would like to receive professional help and guidance from their own home or office. 
Our clinicians conduct online counselling sessions over the internet using a webcam and microphone attached to each computer so that you can see, hear and speak to your therapist on your computer monitor or your phone from the comfort of your home. If you do not have a video option available, e-counselling can be conducted by telephone.  


There are many benefits to the therapeutic use of technology; flexibility, no travel, and access to services from the comfort of your home. There are also some limitations; online counselling cannot be considered the same kind of service as traditional face-to-face therapy. It is counselling delivered from a distance and with possible unstable or lost connections.  


A private and quiet space. In face-to-face counselling, the counsellor can do a fair amount to the environment to ensure privacy; online therapy however creates challenges that are outside the scope of the counsellor. The client must be aware that privileged communication does not apply when someone else is in the room. It is important to note that this includes anyone else being around the computer while the counselling session is taking place.  


Family Ties Association Clinical Services is PIPEDA and HIPPA compliant and does its best to secure online communication from security breaches. FTA uses Zoom for clinicians. Zoom does not record on its servers any calls that take place between its users, not does it have access to or store the decryption key that allows the encrypted signal to be viewed by anyone other than the users involved in the call.  
Our Counsellors use private offices that are not observed by anyone when in session with you or when responding to your emails. Equally it is your responsibility to ensure the privacy of all your communications. 
1. Book an appointment you can call us at 403-320-8888 and speak in person to our administrative staff or you can email one of our counselors directly on our website. 
2. Fill out the New Client information form found online 
3. Complete the consent form that is emailed to you or use the fillable PDF found here Fillable PDF Consent Form
4. Download zoom onto your device or use it through your internet connection 
5. A few minutes before your appointment time click the link that was emailed to you and ensure that your audio and video connections are working properly 
6. During the first few minutes of your session your therapist will ensure the following are in place 
7. You are in a private place, no one is in the space with you 
8. Your computer has an internet connection , Your microphone and webcam are working 
9. You have provided emergency contact information 
10. Go over informed consent and ensure signature is in place 


Meet Our Team

Amy Davis

Amy Davis is a Registered Psychologist who has been working with children, youth and families in various capacities for over 20 years in Southern Alberta. Amy takes an empathetic, collaborative, and client centered approach to counselling. She uses an eclectic approach, drawing on various modalities such as Cognitive Behavioral, Dialectical Behavioral, Solution Focused and Mindfulness. Amy also utilizes Art Therapy, Play Therapy and Narrative Therapy techniques.

Amy is skilled in working with children, youth and adults, as well as couples and families. Her areas of interest include self-injury, process addictions, Depression, Anxiety, and ADHD.

Aside from counselling, Amy also teaches Mental Health First Aid for Adults who Interact with Youth, and administers Parenting Assessments and S.A.F.E Home Assessments.

In her free time, Amy enjoys spending time with her family, hiking, running, and reading.

Email: or call 403-320-8888


Brody Gordon

Hello, my name is Brody and I am a Certified Canadian Counsellor Qualifying with the Canadian counselling and Psychotherapy Association with a BA in Psycology and a MA in Counselling Psychology.

My areas of focus are largely on youths 14 plus and adults struggling with anxiety, depression, emotional regulation, interpersonal challenges and self-confidence.

In My practice I utilize an eclectic approach as I believe counselling should be as dynamic as the individuals accessing it. However, within this approach, I draw most strongly from CBT, mindfulness, and Narrative based practices.

Email: or call 403-320-8888


Caitlin Bertram-Slavens

My name is Caitlin Slavens  a Registered Psychologist with the college of Alberta Psychologists and I am excited to be collaborating with individuals and families at Family Ties in helping them meet their needs.

My areas of practice include working with adults, adolescents, and children in the areas of trauma, grief and loss, relational trauma, anxiety, depression, and interpersonal difficulties.

I am trained in EMDR as well as integrating EMDR with children and adolescents. I have training from Rocky Mountain Play Therapy Centre in Play-Based Treatment of Trauma.

In my practice I use a variety of therapeutic approaches, such as EMDR, directive and non-directive Play Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Solution Focused, Somatic/body-centered approaches, and Expressive Arts Therapy.

Email: or call 403-320-8888


Chelsie Grenier-McNabb

Chelsie is the Clinical Director at Family Ties Association. She has been working at Family Ties in the clinical team since 2013 and has in this time worked closely with her team members to create a safe, accessible and professional space where the people that we serve will benefit from exceptional service.

Chelsie is committed to creating a safe space and practices from an anti-oppressive, client centered, trauma informed lens, valuing dignity, diversity, and self-empowerment. Her educational and clinical experience has included a strong focus on trauma as such she has worked with individuals to overcome individual, societal, and systemic factors to enable growth and healing.

Chelsie works using tenants of Mindfulness, Internal Family Systems, Somatic and compassionate inquiry, and focuses on self-healing and therapeutic approaches to care. She works with older children and adolescents as well as adults and their support systems. The clients that she serves often present with trauma, depression, anxiety, high-risk youth, domestic violence, and parent-teen conflict.

Email: or call 403-320-8888


Michelle Ully

Michelle has been working with children, youth and families in the human service field for the past 21 years. After receiving a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology in 2018 she joined the clinical team at Family Ties association as a Counselling Therapist. Michelle’s counselling approach is best described as taking biopsychosocial approach that integrates varying modalities; person-centered, cognitive behavioral, solution focused and mindfulness practice. Michelle is passionate about supporting individuals in working towards their desired change through discovering and activating their strengths and resiliencies in their life. Michelle works with youth and adults in areas that include anxiety related disorder, depression, stress, social skills enhancement, parenting concerns, anger management, and emotional regulation.

Over the past several years, Michelle has become quite the enthusiast for golf. Through the spring, summer and fall, as long as the weather permits, she can be found on the course with friends and family.

Email: or call 403-320-8888


Sabina Ross

My name is Sabina Ross and I am a Registered Social Worker with a Bachelor of Social Work obtained in 2016. I am currently working towards a Masters Degree in Social Work with a specialization in Trauma which will be completed in 2021. I believe that through my social work lens I am able to take a holistic approach to providing support and counselling to any person seeking support. While working together I will take a client centered and trauma informed approach focused on building a safe a caring relationship together. My therapeutic approach incorporates attachment focused, strengths based, systems approach, mindfulness, and DBT skills. I have supported individuals with addiction related concerns, survivors of sexual assault, family of origin concerns, and histories of trauma. The age range that I am available to see is 12+.

Emaill: or call 403-320-8888

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