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Children & Family Services

A short term service provided to youth as support for unplanned absences from school.

The Family Ties Association Family Preservation Program provides planned and tailored interventions and services aimed at strengthening, empowering, supporting and preserving families.

Family Ties Association’s Child and Youth Engagement program provides one-to-one support, recreational opportunities, access to community resources and supports and, counsel to Youth.

Family Ties Association will create groups or use existing community group programs to best meet the needs of the youth in a given community.

A designated driver provides transportation for an identified individual or family from one point to another (i.e., appointments, visitation) as requested by the referral source.

Clinical, Specialized Services & Trainers

The In-Home Counselling program is able to provide professional counselling staff to work with individuals or families.

Parenting Assessments not only assess the needs of the parents capacity but also provide functional recommendations that will assist the Case Worker with information that will help guide them to how best support the children and family to the best possible solution.

Supports For Disabilities

Family Ties offers Community Support Aides who help support children with a developmental disability, facilitating participation in community activities where they would not otherwise be able to participate due to their disability.

Temporary relief to the primary caregiver from the full care and demands of the child with a disability. These services help to give support to the family, but are not intended to replace natural supports or normative parental responsibilities.

The In-Home Counselling program is able to provide professional counselling staff to work with individuals or families.

Family Ties offers Triple P Stepping Stones in a group and individual format.

Family Ties offers specialized services for families with a child diagnosed with a severe disability in 2 or more of: Behavior, Communication, Socialization, Cognitive, physical/motor development, and Self-help/ adaptive functioning skills.
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If you are a case worker and would like to make a referral to Family Ties Association, please follow this link to securely send referral information to our direct service staff. We will recieve and review your referral promptly.


Family Ties offers a variety of services, which you can review on this site. If you feel that you are a good candidate to access our services, please send us a note through this secure form, and we will return your message.


From time to time opportunities are available for positions ranging from case-worker to administrative support. If you're interested in working with a great team in a challenging job where you can make a real difference to people in your community, keep an eye open for postings.

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